Super Group Malaysia Visits ERLC, Gives Superbly

Super Group Malaysia Visits ERLC, Gives Superbly

The 24 of June 2016 is a day of giving to ERLC by Super Group Malaysia, an alliance of insurance agencies with a vision to nurture elite life insurance professionals to consistently push the limits of excellence. Upon arrival at ERLC, the group of more than 50 persons was given a briefing with a PowerPoint presentation, followed by a tour of the school and its living skill training projects. This was followed by the group members giving their labour of love. One half of the group sweated away by helping to fill 15 drums with a mixture of compost and sand, to prepare them for planting with lime and vegetable, an urban farming project being tried out by ERLC. The other half of the visitors spent the day preparing lunch packs with 800 pieces of KFC that came with potatoes and salads, and distributing them at lunch time to the children of ERLC, who jumped with joy at the chance of having a special lunch treat, as well as mingling with kind people whom they have not met before. The urban-farming drums, together with the compost, as well as the KFC lunch were donated by Super Group Malaysia. The following day, Super Group Malaysia held a 5-km charity run to raise funds for charity. Mr. Andrew Ng, Founding Chairman of ERLC, together with several ministry partners and older students took part in the run. ERLC was fortunate to be one of the beneficiary and Andrew was present to receive a mock cheque. Thanks a lot to the charitable people of Super Group Malaysia!

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