Elshaddai Learning Centre (EELC) Interview A Teacher

Charlie is a teacher at Elshaddai E-learning Center. He teaches Mathematics, Science, Peace and Diversity and sometimes, he’s even a PE instructor! He enjoys all the subjects he teaches although it can be challenging to teach so many things. To keep his students engaged, Charlie sometimes shows them fun videos and lets them listen to music. He makes his lessons interesting because he wants his students to understand that studying can be fun, and not always tedious and boring. He told us that studying is a part of life, as you need to study and work hard in order to be successful. Charlie never planned to be a teacher. Originally, he hated teaching. Then, when he stopped in Malaysia for a while before going to the UK to study law, he realised that he wanted to help the children. While teaching in Elshaddai, he felt like he was contributing something meaningful to the lives of students. He also realised that teaching cured depression, which he previously suffered from, as he was so far from home. Charlie’s advice is that whatever challenging things you are facing now, just continue on. Don’t give up and at the end of the day, it will make sense; it will all be worth it. He asks us to pray for students to open their hearts to God, and that any cultural barriers between students will be broken down. – written by Kayla and Chloe

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