Report Updates on EALC1 Sg Udang Learning Center, Klang

At the start of 2019, we registered 51 new children bringing the total number of students studying in Sg Udang Learning Center to 75. The parent-teachers’ meeting in November last year brought a greater awareness among the community on the presence of the school and the education opportunities for their children. All the classrooms in our center were fully utilized to meet the growing numbers and we are also very grateful to the Lord for bringing sufficient teachers to meet the needs. In March 2019, we transferred 8 students from the literacy class in our center to continue their education under a new program (Accelerate Primary Program – APP) introduced by ElShaddai which was especially tailored to provide express primary school education to refugees and migrants aged 12 and above who possess low levels of English proficiency at entry level. The program aims to help children and young people develop fully as individuals and as members of families, social and of economic communities. One of the challenges we faced is the constant movement among the families in the communities. Since most of them are economic migrants with no proper travel documents, many of them are always on the move to look for job opportunities. This indirectly affected the attendance in the learning center as the children move in and out of school. Presently, we have 54 students comprising of Champas, Indonesians and Rohingya and 4 teachers in Sg Udang Learning Center. Among the activities that were held in our school this year were Sports Day in April where we joined the students in the main campus for a day of sports. We have also designated a day at the end of the month as “English Day” in which we are encouraging all the students in the center to speak English only. The students are busy planning and preparing for present ation during the day during which we will also hold a small celebration for students whose birthdays fall between January and June.  

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