National Diaspora Symposium 2019

Who are we?

The National Diaspora Symposium is organized by a committee of Christian

believers from various denominations and mission organizations. The committee is led by Brother Andrew Ng, the Executive Director and Founder of ElShaddai Centre Berhad and Migrant Ministry Klang (MMK).

The Third Symposium

Since the launch of the first Symposium in 2015, we have received considerable interest from local churches across Peninsular Malaysia. We had over 150 participants in the 2015 Symposium and 200 participants in the subsequent 2017 Symposium.

For this year’s 2019 Symposium, we are targeting 300 participants with plans to extend the invitation to churches from East Malaysia and neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Indonesia.

Why is this symposium important?

HomeWhy is this symposium important?
According to the 2018 World Population Review, Malaysia is estimated to have over 6 million economic migrants. About two-thirds of these migrant workers are undocumented immigrants (also known as “illegal immigrants”).

The UNHCR Malaysia concurrently reports that there are about 159,980 registered refugees and asylum-seekers in Malaysia as of July 2018. The refugees and asylum-seekers originate from 50 different countries including:
Myanmar (87%) with Rohingyas (47%) comprising nearly half of the percentage;

Pakistan (3.6%);
Yemen (1.8%);
Somali (1.8%);
Syrian (1.7%);
Afghan (1.6%);
Iraq (0.9%); and
Palestine (0.4%).

We see the world-wide movement of individuals caused by the unprecedented rise in global migration as part of God’s sovereign plan to facilitate the spreading of the Good News to the ends of the earth. This phenomenon presents us with opportunities to reach out to the refugees and migrants in our midst with God’s message of love and salvation. It is time that we recognise and respond to the call for “cross-cultural missions at our doorsteps.”

Aims of this symposium

1. Aspire churches to engage in diaspora missions;
2. Assist and encourage churches to initiate new migrant ministries and embrace the diaspora in their existing
3. Assemble a network of believers to share their information, experiences, success stories, expertise, and
resources, as well as to discuss issues and collectively find solutions to challenges relating to diaspora
4. Assimilate information to churches on how they can participate in “reverse missionary” work without going a
5. Advocate and raise awareness about the plight of refugees and migrants, especially for the downtrodden,
oppressed and persecuted.
Your support of the National Diaspora Symposium 2019 is vital in spurring Malaysian churches and various mission organisations to come together and join in God’s redemptive mission amongst refugees and migrants.

Meet Awesome Speakers

This symposium will provide you opportunities to meet awesome people doing great things.
Head over to our speakers web page to find out more about them.

Register Yourself!!

How to Register
You may register yourself online here by following the steps below:

1. Determine how much you need to pay by checking the table below.
2. Make payment and keep the soft copy or take a photo of the payment slip. [Payment information]
3. For Overseas Participants, you have the option to register now and pay on arrival. Please book your own
accommodation. [Recommended hotels]
4. Fill up the form below and attach the soft copy version of your payment slip.
5. Determine which workshops you wish to attend.
6. Submit the registration once the form is completed.

Optionally you can download the manual registration form and submit by email together with payment slip to

Registration Closing Date: 15 September 2019

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