Testimony From Our Students

A Reflection of my London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) journey

(Written by Areej Khan, a student who scored a Distinction in the LCCI Level 2 Bookkeeping & Accounting examwinations)

I’m going to share my journey as a student of the LCCI Bookkeeping and Accounting Examinations. I studied this course in ElShaddai Secondary School, EXCEL in 2018.

I was very curious and enthusiastic about this course right from the beginning. Although we started with more than 30 students for Level 1, many had dropped out and only 10 out of 23 students managed to pass Level 1.

Unfortunately, I was one of those who failed. Although I felt disheartened, I decided to persevere because I was very keen in learning the skills which were necessary to run businesses.

I did not give up and continued to work very hard for
Level 2. There were only 7 students who signed up for Level 2 and we were given the name “LCCI STARS” by our teachers. With much hard work, we were delighted to find out that we all passed with flying colours. As for me, I was even more thrilled that I passed with distinction. I was extremely excited when I saw my grade.

Through this experience, it has taught me not to give up and to look towards my goal. In fact, I have a clearer idea of the career path which I am going to pursue. I am very thankful for Elshaddai’s support in helping me get closer to my dreams. I want to express my deepest gratitude to the dedicated work of our teachers and the support provided by our Education Director, Dr Ng Oi Leng.

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