Updates On ElShaddai Community Learning Centre – Ampang (new centre)

Since Nov 2018, this centre commenced with a community leader, Marzia Parsa to empower Hazara refugee women community and ElShaddai came into partner with Marzia in May 2019 to further expand on building a community learning centre closer to the Ampang refugee community.

Information on the Community Centre
The center has been recently relocation to a new venue to accommodate to a higher demand of students registered since early July. This new expansion has enabled the running of 5 different levels of English Literacy classes for 35 adults, 18 Preschoolers in 2 levels. The students span from ages 5 to 50 and are taught by 4 teachers.

Two of the English teachers are involved in teaching the alphabet, vocabulary, functional language and conversational English to Primary 1 and Primary 2 students. The other two teachers are being apprenticed by a more experienced teacher to run the program for the preschoolers.
The facilities in the CLC include 4 classrooms and a sewing room for women who are skillful in sewing to earn some income. This was made possible as a donor contributed 3 industrial sewing machines.

In the evening, a volunteer uses one of the classrooms to conduct courses like Basic Program and Web Designing once a week.

Recent activities in the school:
• In July, a half-day Teachers’ Training was conducted by Sabrina, a preschool specialist. Feedback from the attendees said they had benefited richly from her rich experience and her passion for preschool education. In addition, she continues to mentor the current teachers and prepare potential teachers.

Half-day teacher’s training conducted by Sabrina (in pink)

Attendees said they had benefitted richly from her rich experience and her passion for preschool education. In addition, she continues to mentor the current teachers and prepare potential teachers.

Adult English classes – Starter, Level 1 & Level 2

Medical camp conducted in July. Many turned up for medical advice and support, mainly women and children.

A Medical Camp was conducted by ElShaddai with 3 doctors, a nurse and pharmacist. The camp included taking care of 70 preregistered refugee adults and children. Some of the common issues that surfaced were high blood pressure, high sugar level and lack of knowledge in feminine hygiene issue. Moreover, the team assisted a family of 4 who was unable to earn a living as they were suffering from malnutrition, weakness and fatigue. Having seen the positive response, the centre has decided to organize such camps monthly to improve the health conditions of this community.

Currently, at the center, the workers are organizing the setup to receive the incoming new students. Because of this new premise, the community center expects student numbers to increase.

Hence, we welcome volunteers who have a desire to teach or to work with children. You can support us by running activities like children’s camps and sports workshops. Do approach us if you want more information in this partnership (Jean’s contacts)

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