Updates on ElShaddai Community Learning Centre – Gombak

ElShaddai Gombak Community Learning Centre recently received a letter from the U.N.H.C.R. in recognition of its work with refugees. All the staff and volunteers were very glad to receive this acknowledgement of our work that has expanded over the past three years.

Currently, the centre has an enrolment of 89 students. These students attend Levels Kindergarten (KG) 1 and 2 and levels 1, 2 and 3 in the English literacy courses.
The Kindergarten students’ ages range from 4 to 12. For many, this is the first time they have attended school. They are very eager to learn and enjoy attending school. In some instances, the wide age difference has occasionally caused conflict but with the teachers’ guidance, these conflicts were resolved.

Capable teachers and facilitator
The success of this center is due largely to the teachers and influential facilitator. Teachers Lina and Samira are Somalis born in Saudi Arabia who are fluent in three languages. The key facilitator, Yusra Salem has been pivotal in establishing connections between the center and the refugee community over the past 3 years. She is a Yemeni-Somali community leader who is fluent in four languages. Her presence has allowed the refugee community to gain trust in ElShaddai Gombak Community Learning Centre.

The English literacy classes with an enrollment of 61 students this term are taught by Gombak head teacher, W.J., together with the assistance of Lina and Samira. The literacy classes are carried three times a week Monday till Wednesday, with extra classes on Thursday and Friday. Each class runs for one and a half hours.

Information on the curriculum
The school terms range for five months for the English literacy courses and six months for the Kindergarten courses.

Special and extracurricular activities include:
field trips for Kindergarten students to Kidzania. The children had a fun day exploring a myriad of careers
visits from volunteers and church groups. The most recent was a three-day English Camp for the children and ladies’ adult classe
an English camp for the ladies and kids in Gombok Community Learning Centre. This was organized by a church group from Singapore in June 2019. The men from the church also conducted an outreach assessment in the refugee community.

Team sharing stories about the creation of the universe. The kids showed great interest

Home Visit – KG Student with special needs, such as fragile bones

The team brought the community kids to Macdonald’s for a time of bonding and food

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