Recount of Ismail, a 9-year-old Rohingya boy who came to Malaysia in 2017

The picture above depicts Ismail's experience at sea

My name is Ismail and I am 9 years old.My mother and I wanted to go to Malaysia because we were persecuted back in Myanmar. We arrived in Malaysia successfully, but we underwent a horrible journey which still haunts me till today.
When we were on a boat in the middle of the ocean, our boat was attacked by people who persecuted us. The captain of the boat told us to jump into the sea to save our lives, and he did that too. Immediately, my mother found a rope to tie the both of us together so that we would not lose each other in the sea. Sadly, in the moment of chaos, my mother couldn’t find my elder brother. He was later found dead.
My mother and I floated in the ocean for many hours, and we were exhausted. I couldn’t remember what happened, as I must have passed out. When I came to my senses, we had been rescued by the Malaysian voluntary rescue team.
A while later, my father also tried to make his way to Malaysia but we received news that the boat he was in sank and he most probably drowned.Now I am very sad because my family is reduced to only my mother and I.

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