Refugees’ stories from the ground: Story of Sara, a Hazara lady from Afghanistan

Sara, her husband and their 3 children aged below 10 are considered “unwanted immigrants” in Malaysia, as their hope of being settled to a third country has been dashed. Just about a year ago, Sara’s baby girl passed away due to a heart issue. Life has been hard for Sara and her family as they struggle financially and in fear of their safety.

They are currently heavily in debt as they still owe RM 10,000 to the hospital for her baby girl’s medical treatment. They have trouble making ends meet as most of her husband’s wage (RM 800 monthly) goes into paying their house rent of RM 600 monthly. This leaves them very little for food. Their children cannot go to school because they could not afford the school fees.

Their day-to-day living is challenged as they fear being caught by the police and immigration authorities. Hence, they try to stay at home. To Sara, this is difficult as they do not have the freedom to move around freely. What’s more heart breaking is that the hope of relocation to a third country remains only a dream.

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