Updates on EXCEL Activities: Graduation on Peace & Diversity

Peace & Diversity was first introduced as one of the subjects in our Secondary EXCEL Learning Centre in year 2018 in partnership with The Blue Ribbon Global. The goal is to develop a generation of young leaders to contribute towards building global peace. The subject has 12 lessons that cover the basic concepts of peaceful values for personal and community development, diversity and inclusion. The lessons included interesting topics like ‘Accepting Myself’, ‘Diversity in Ethnicity’, Religion’, ‘Gender’, ‘Conflict Resolution’, ‘Forgiveness’ and others. Students were actively engaged in group discussion, case studies, interactive activities, group project research and presentation, essay and reflective journal writing. “Peace and Diversity” is crucial for EXCEL students as they come from many nationalities with different background and religions. The lessons gained enable them to bridge the gaps, and create a common platform to connect, build trust and advocate peace. One student testified in his reflection that as a result of the lessons, he has learnt to appreciate the differences and to avoid stereotyping others. He wants to change his bad habit about judging others without knowing who they are and learn to accept them the way he accepts himself. On the 23 October 2019, 25 students received their completion certificates after taking their oaths to be peace ambassadors to their communities and to the world.  
Students helping each other pin a blue ribbon which represent their role as the peace ambassador
The students pledged to be an ambassador of peace to their community
Peace & Diversity scrapbook

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