Emergency Relief Fund in response to COVID-19 nationwide lockdown in Malaysia


In view of the difficult situation caused by COVID-19 and the recent implementation of Restriction of Movement Order in Malaysia, we foresee a crisis among the displaced and marginalised communities we engage with. Most work from hand-to-mouth, and with the enforced shutdown of most businesses, daily survival for them will become harder than ever before.

We seek your financial support towards our Emergency Relief Fund during this critical period. This fund will be used for getting provisions such as rice, flour, cooking oil, canned food, baby milk powder etc to those who need them most.

All donations that are not used up during the lockdown period will be channelled towards providing relief for future families in need.

We understand that this is a difficult season for everyone, but we also believe that we can rise above it together as one.

To donate, you may make a bank transfer and specify “ERF” in your details to the following bank account:
Account Name: ElShaddai Centre Berhad
Bank: Maybank (MBB)
Account No.: 562450011075
Branch: Pandamaran, Klang

You may also visit our website: https://ecb.org.my/donate/

Please private message (PM) us your transaction slip so that we may issue a receipt for you. Otherwise you can email us at accounts.dept@ecb.org.my. You can also message us if you have any queries.

Thank you in advance!


为此,在这关键的时刻,我们呼吁大家积极支持我们的「紧急救助金」(Emergency Relief Fund, ERF),以因应此次的紧急状况。我们所获得的款项,将用于购买日常必需品,包括米、面粉、食用油、罐装食品、婴儿奶粉等等予需要协助的群体。



有意捐助者可经银行汇款,并将汇款注明为“ERF“款项。 以下为我们的银行账户:
账户名号: ElShaddai Centre Berhad
银行: Maybank (MBB)
账号号码: 562450011075
银行分支点: Pandamaran, Klang


在转账后请将您的转账证明经脸书私讯给我们,或电邮至 accounts.dept@ecb.org.my,以方便我们跟进和处理收据事宜。您若有任何疑问或预知更多详情,欢迎与我们联络,谢谢。


ElShaddai Centre 爱全能中心 仅启

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