New School Library

More than a year after its first conception, the ERLC Library finally opened in February 2021. With books from pre-kindergarten to adult levels, it is a great addition to the Education arm. This is especially true for our sub-centres across the Klang Valley, which have limited teaching resources.

With this new library, we wish to see students discover the joy of reading, broaden their worldview, and improve in their English skills. Teachers will also be empowered to enrich their lessons with the resources available in the library.

Our special thanks to the Methodist Crisis Relief & Development for being the main sponsor in this project. The ERLC Library is indeed a great embodiment of ElShaddai Centre – restoring dignity to the community; empowering students and teachers; a network of partners working together for a greater good; and the goodness of God through it all.

We can’t wait to see the students and teachers alike enjoying their time in the library!

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