Raising Awareness for Malaysian Youth

D’Explorer is an online 3-hour cross-cultural activity designed to engage the young people in Diaspora Missions at our doorstep. The youths will explore together with a group of young people, volunteers and Diaspora friends during this event. The discovery process is self-learning, fast-paced and full of creativity. The young people will collect information from a series of group activities and brainstorm practical ways to be involved in helping the diaspora community at a young age.

The objective of D’Explorer is for youths to acknowledge that there is indeed something they can do, to anticipate God’s call and to inspire them to do more for the Diaspora community. There are always many little things the young people can do to show their love to the Diaspora people. The message of D’Explorer is that youths can do something for people needing care and concern.

D’Explorer is available in 4 languages – English, Chinese, Tamil and Bahasa Malaysia. After the 3 hours of online activities, we would propose some mini-projects that the young people can do for the diaspora communities near where they are.

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