Thanksgiving from our Executive Director & Education Director, Dr Ng Oi Leng

All mankind will fear;

They will proclaim the works of God and ponder what He has done.

Ps 64:9


The unusual year of 2021 that presented unusual challenges and opportunities is fast approaching its end. The Covid pandemic created all kinds of fear in all man. Every aspect of our life was affected. Health, economics, government, environment, education, travel, just to name some. And human interaction moves from offline to online. Looking back, for ElShaddai Centre, l am compelled to PROCLAIM the works of God and PONDER on what He has done.

It is unusual to have only thirteen weeks of physical classes for a year. Our students struggle to study online with poor devices and internet. However, the year-end results show that most students qualified to be promoted to the next level in January 2022. 98% of our students returned to school after the last lockdown. Few students lost their parents to Covid or other sicknesses but generally were kept in good health. Several new works were started, with new milestones in skill training (Air Conditioning Diploma course) and college education (ElShaddai E-Graduate Centre). There was also impressive growth in the online English classes with 33 classes running actively, helping 158 students from various locations with no learning centres. There was a groundbreaking launch of a learning centre in Kota Baru, situated within the resident compound of a local Kelantanese.

The capable leadership of the Social Works Department in managing the Emergency Relief and Community Based Protection Program made strong connections and partnerships with communities and the UNHCR, benefiting thousands of individuals and families. To be relevant at this peculiar season required bold adjustments to meet the dire needs of the people, including rescue and shelter victims of abuse and violence.

Another important effort to support the growth of the work was mobilizing and training volunteers and workers. The Diaspora Cross-Culture Academy records a remarkable feat of organizing 9 virtual training courses benefitting 562 participants, 18 D’Explorer events in 4 languages involving 630 youths, and leading 4 exposure digital mission trips for seminaries and churches.

As I ponder on what God has done, I am in awe of what He will do in the coming year. All these tangible expressions of works above are built on the invisible foundation of the ROCK of Jesus Christ who works through His Body, who gives us favours and connections to earthly authorities and communities. Nations in Malaysia are His inheritance. We acknowledge God and His leading, provision and protection. His name is to be lifted above all.

And we expressed or heartfelt appreciation to our staff, partners, volunteers, churches, agencies, seminaries, NGOs and especially the anonymous givers for your generosity, favour and trust shown to the ElShaddai team. Your supports in prayers, in cash, in-kind, in time and energy, in experience and encouragement make this journey possible. May you share the joy of ElShaddai in this joyous season of Christmas!

Blessed Christmas and a happy 2022 to all of you.

Let the righteous rejoice in the LORD and take refuge in Him;

Let all the upright in heart praise Him!

Ps 64:10

Dr Ng Oi Leng
Executive Director & Education Director

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