Reflections & Reports from the ground – Kota Kinabalu Learning Centre

Throughout the year of 2021, ElShaddai Sabah has actively provided medicine and food relief to about 300 needy families in KPD and Kampung Aman in spite of the constant threat of Covid infection and lengthy periods of Movement Control Order in Malaysia. Families who received these provisions have expressed their gratitude. Truly their hearts are touched by the generosity of donors.

Throughout 2021, organisations and indviduals have blessed the students with gifts such as school bags, stationery and financial relief. The students were so happy. Thank you very much, donors.

End of October 2021, a donor provided funds to purchase a boat motor and build a bridge from a nearby village to the Aman learning centre. This will allow students, teachers and visitors much easier access to the learning centre.

On 1 December 2021, the third learning centre under ElShaddai Sabah was officially opened. It is located in Kuala Alam Mesra. Many parents and their children attended the event. Excitement was in the air. There are about 90 registered students. Additional tables and chairs are needed to accommodate these students and a kind-hearted donor has decided to build wooden tables and chairs for this learning centre.

We are now running three learning centres in the city of Kota Kinabalu. With the support of donors, the children who do not have opportunity of education have the joy of going to school now. We seek your support and invite you to partner in this ministry financially or send volunteers to our learning centres.

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