Have you heard of Zara’s story?

Hi, my name is Zara* and I am 16 years old this year. I flew to Malaysia from Myanmar when my grandma passed away and I came to live with my uncle as I do not have other relative in Myanmar. I run away when I was 15 because my uncle forced me to get married and to go back to Myanmar. Today I am studying at the ElShaddai Centre Girl’s shelter, and I study in their school.

Since young, my dream is to be policewoman and to help those in need. To achieve this, I need to have a proper education. I face challenges such as a lack of self-confidence and the urge to give up this dream. But now this has changed when I receive help from UNHCR and ElShaddai Centre. I now have a place to stay free education and other needs such as receiving counselling. I have no worries as ElShaddai Centre has provided me with all the things I need. Through them, I not only have a chance to study, I also have a chance to go to be relocated to another country. Now I am waiting for my time to go to Australia. And in future, I will have the chance to be a policewoman I’m thankful to all who have helped me along my journey here in Malaysia.

Zara* (Name has changed)

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