Younger Leaders Set To Change The World

This organisation has been in operation for 13 years, and the majority of the staff are senior citizens and retirees. Most of them had long-standing careers in corporate sectors and found a calling to work in the social impact and non-profit organisations in their retirement years.

In the last two to three years, the number of younger staff has increased exponentially, and some may even say miraculously! Looking at this picture made me realise how much of our staff demographic is now made up of young people. I cannot count the number of times the organisation’s older generation, as well as other young colleagues, have told me how encouraged and hopeful they are to see an increasing number of younger people involved in the work. 

Young people who are fresh graduates, just starting out in their careers, are willing to take a less common path than their peers. Some may even think that it is foolish of these young people not to climb the corporate ladder and have financial stability.

This picture shows only a small representation of the organisation. We have more than 100 staff in total. Today, I would like to say something to the older generation as well: 

I am encouraged by us too, the young. 

I am hopeful in us too, because I witness it with my own eyes and in my own life. 

I am the young, and I will keep going. 

We are the young, and we will keep going

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