Education Fund Student Testimony – Zisma

I am Zisma binti Mohd Shakir and I am from Myanmar. I am 12 years old. There are three of us in the family – my mom, my elder sister, Rumanah and I. We are now staying in Malaysia as refugees. Our family do not have any kind of income to live a better life. However, my school, ElShaddai ALP had given me a scholarship.

I was very excited to receive this scholarship from our school. It has created a big impact in me as I realize that I can go to school and study. I don’t need to pay any fees for my studies and don’t need to worry for my education from now onwards.

Now I’m very happy in school as I can now concentrate on my studies and also make a lot of friends to share my feelings and learn new knowledge together. I’m very grateful to have good teachers and I’m especially appreciative to receive this scholarship from ElShaddai. I’m indeed very thankful.