Accelerated Learning Program’s Jumble Sales!

ALP learning centre held a Jumble Sale event on July 17, 2022, for the students, they were extremely excited because, for RM1, they can purchase any 4 items

On the day of the Jumble Sale, the students would excitedly ask the teachers when their turn would be. We were taken by surprise at the enthusiasm of the students.

The students valued their money. They would think and plan very carefully before buying, and they treasured the items they bought. Some purchased items for themselves, while others purchased items for their family members. One boy bought a pair of shorts for himself, and then said: ”This skirt is for my little sister, and this handbag is for my mom.”

Some teachers generously gave RM1 to students who had forgotten about the event or had not brought their money so that they too could experience the joy of buying something for themselves or for their family members.

Jumble Sales not only gave students the power of choice but also enabled them to appreciate the value of money.

Contributed By Ajunta

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