Excel Secondary Learning Centre’s Challenges and Celebrations!

Excel offers many events each year, giving students an opportunity to present their talents in different fields like music, dance, literature and fine arts. Excel also organizes competitions such as debates, spelling bees, book reviews, storytelling, sports competitions, and many more in which students can nurture their different talents.

One of the most anticipated days for all the students of Excel was Cultural Day, when all the school’s diversity and different tribes were celebrated in food, culture, and traditional attire. The excitement grew among the students of Excel regarding their cultural programs to make the day a bit extra special. The entire school was decorated with lights, handmade posters, and ornaments hanging from the ceiling designed by the students, which made the place very colourful and attractive.

The event was planned and hosted by the students who carried out the different activities including modelling, dancing to cultural songs, and singing. The students were able to showcase their talent which was the main thrust of the whole Event.

Besides this, Excel students were also encouraged to attend workshops on ICT, First-aid, and Science & Maths carried out by different organisations to help students in learning and developing new skills. Students also participated in activities held outside the school, such as the Chess competition and SeaShorts Film Festival at Multimedia University.

Challenges we face in recent months and upcoming events.

Students have difficulties with their transport as the free bus services are erratic in their schedule causing many to be late for school. They also must wait very long after school dismissal for the bus to come.

A few students recently had some crises in their families or personally. One lost his father due to illness, and another student’s mother had a traumatic incident that left her in a coma for a few weeks but praise God she woke up but needs recuperation till today. One student was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder which has incurred a huge medical bill, another underwent emergency surgery. A few parents lost their jobs, reduced pay, and face difficulties supporting their families.

We thank God that the Level 11 students are going through their IGCSE smoothly. We prayed that they would do well. The rest of the students will be facing their finals soon. A few students are slacking in their attendance and schoolwork and parents were called to discuss their child’s problems.

The teachers are committed to their duties. They also faced some personal and family needs. One teacher’s home was flooded badly recently. Another teacher had a family member with a slipped disc, and another with a sister in ICU in critical condition. Despite all the difficulties, the teachers carried out their responsibilities with God’s strength and enablement.

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