Aircon Skills Training

We had three new interns and two senior interns in the air conditioning skills training in January 2022. The two senior interns guided the new interns in the field of actual practical jobs.

Because all of our interns are refugees, professional knowledge of air conditioning and electrical know-how becomes an excellent skill for them to earn a living after graduation and, hopefully, for resettlement in another country.

Upon completing a 12-month training, the intern can handle basic air conditioning jobs like general servicing, chemical cleaning, air-conditioning inspection, installation, and troubleshooting for units ranging from 1 horsepower to 5 horsepower. They can also control various air-conditioning units, such as wall-mounted split units, ceiling-exposed units, and ceiling cassette units. Besides training in air-conditioning, our training centre also provides other education subjects like math, IT, English, and character-building.

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