Community-based Protection

Community case management is a major part of the Social Work team’s portfolio. We respond to community members who face issues in the areas of livelihood, health, status documentation, family (domestic violence), abuse and others. We provide them with psychosocial support, advice and guidance in legal documentation proceedings, mental health services such as counselling, physical providence, financial intervention and others.

As of November 2022, ElShaddai Centre’s Social Work team has reached out to a total of 39 cases within the community, comprising 43 children, 29 women and 68 remaining family members/adults. With a lean team of 6 members, we managed to support 140 people by providing comprehensive case management and referral to more services through our partnership with other professional agencies and NGOs, including UNHCR.

Another milestone in 2022 was the formation of our first Community-based Protection (CBP) Myanmar Team in the month of September. This team serves as the Community Protection Actors, who will respond, rescue, and protect people or families facing various risks within the community. This CBP team aims to empower and equip the community to exercise their strength and capacity to help their own people. Through this team, we also hope to develop a community support network for mutual support and sustainability.

We are happy that a few dedicated Myanmar community mobilisers are willing to commit to reaching out to their community and bridging the gaps in providing protection and support. Only by having a safe and protective community, can people live harmoniously, especially for the marginalised refugees and stateless people.

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