Social Work – A recovering journey towards breakthrough and growth

When we first entered 2022, we were still recovering from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and no one could fully imagine what would happen next.

As we moved forward from 2021, we set our foundation on Hopeful Uncertainty. We restructured and repositioned some services and launched a few new initiatives in 2022 after taking a more holistic look at our work. Furthermore, with more manpower on board, we were able to expand some of our services and chart a new course for long-term sustainability.

Thank You, Team!

All that we did this year would not be accomplished without the commitment and dedication of each and every one in the team.  A very big thank you to them all, and I pray to God – may all the efforts that they have invested in managing the cases, running various programmes, conducting training and advocating, and giving their time in journeying with the families, they will be a blessing to the people and be able to touch their lives and leave an impact in ways beyond our imagination!

One of our teammates shared this before – Faithful Workmanship. No matter what kind of situation we are in, we need to stay faithful in the work that we are doing, and give our best to the Lord and to the people. The community deserves to have quality service and care as they are also deeply and greatly loved by our Lord, as His fellow children.

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Help the marginalized and displaced families to rebuild their lives. The effect of the pandemic has been devastating for our whole society, especially to the most vulnerable among us. The families ElShaddai Centre work with are now seeking to rebuild their lives with dignity.