Teacher Training

ElShaddai Learning Centres provide education for children from Nursery to High school level. However, many teachers, particularly community teachers, need a basic teaching background.

This teacher training course is a basic training program to start a career in delivering education and training in any learning environment. The course will equip a person to build and develop teaching skills in addition to academic knowledge. It is a one-year course for teachers who are already teaching in our schools. The candidate needs to complete the 36 credits to earn the Certificate in Foundations of Teaching and Learning.

At the end of the course, the teacher would know the role and responsibilities of a teacher, how to develop a child and understand the influence of the environment on the child, able to plan and design lessons that engage the students, know the usage of tools and resources for effective learning, and able to carry out effective assessments that measure learning.

Overall, more than 10 trainees have done very well and scored A.

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