Transforming Education in Remote Locations

ElShaddai Sabah is dedicated to providing quality education to the stateless communities in Sabah, and we are making strides in transforming education in hard-to-reach, remote locations.

Teachers from ElShaddai Sabah have set up several learning centres, ranging from small classrooms next to rivers to open-air structures in the middle of mangrove swamps. By operating in these remote locations closer to the communities, we provide educational opportunities to children that would otherwise be untouched by traditional education systems.
The teachers have been praised for their dedication and commitment to providing quality education to these communities. They have shown that no matter the location or the terrain, quality education is accessible to all.
By providing these learning opportunities to these marginalized communities, we are helping to build a more sustainable and equitable society, ultimately holistically transforming their whole community.

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Christmas Fundraising 2021

Empowering Communities, Transforming Lives.

Help the marginalized and displaced families to rebuild their lives. The effect of the pandemic has been devastating for our whole society, especially to the most vulnerable among us. The families ElShaddai Centre work with are now seeking to rebuild their lives with dignity.