World Play Day

On August 20, 2022, we took the students to participate in an event held outside the centre in conjunction with World Play Day. ElShaddai Sabah carried out this event in collaboration with Malaysian Care and Hands Print.

The event took place at Hands Print Basel in Likas. Various activities are provided for children, such as outdoor games of Mini Basketball/Bin Ball, Ring toss, Hula Hoop, Mini obstacle course and Hopscotch. Indoor games organized included Colouring, Jenga, Lego Block, Search & Find, Code Breaker and Touch & feel game.

The children who attended were disabled children from Handsprint and 33 students from ElShaddai Sabah. (KPD, KG AMAN and KUALA ALAM MESRA). ElShaddai Sabah’s staff and our 12 volunteer teachers were also there to assist.

This was the first event held by ElShaddai Sabah, and activities like this encouraged the children to play together and communicate with other children. Our students were thrilled during this event, and they hope there will be more programs like this in the future. As teachers, we are delighted and comforted to see that our students enjoyed themselves at the event. Good cooperation in holding an event like this with Hands Print and Malaysian Care helps the students to gain a new experience, meet new friends and widen their horizons.

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