The New Approach – Advanced Vocational Pathways To Higher Learning Opportunities

Since the inception of ElShaddai Refugee Learning Centre in 2008, the vision to reach out to the displaced and marginalized communities had been invariably to partner with and to empower them to get out of their seemingly hopeless predicament, to be self-sustaining and in time to help others in the same situation to succeed as well.

Over the years, ElShaddai Education has grown from the initial basic learning to a formal and systematic program with a clear pathway of progression.  With exception to few who are academically inclined, most migrant and refugee students leave school early to work. Education is often interrupted and schooling years are much fewer compared to normal students of similar age. To help them to advance and acquire relevant skills and knowledge at low cost and flexible schedules, the vocational pathways to higher learning through the online mode is pertinent. Thanks to Covid which forces learning to go online, and students to adapt to it.


ElShaddai E-Graduate Centre partners with the eGraduate College London to offer vocational courses that help students secure jobs easily after completion. In June 2022, ElShaddai E-Graduate Centre conducted the first graduation ceremony for 38 E-Graduate students, who had completed level 2 to level 4 Diplomas in various disciplines. Those graduated with Health and Social Care are quickly absorbed by care homes as interns. Some IT students get jobs online. Others continue their studies in Business Management, Accounting and Finance. After completion of the Level 4 and 5 Diplomas, students can apply to recognized Universities in UK and Australia to do a one year top-up to get the Bachelors Degree.


Established in London, UK, eGraduate College, as published in their website, is for anyone who wants to save time whilst earning an undergraduate degree in just 2 years or less, under one of the degree pathway programs. By studying online, students save up to 60% in tuition fee and living expenses as they can access to classes from wherever they are. At the same time, they can enjoy flexible learning and never have to miss a class. Recorded lessons can be replayed at desired timing on any device that the students choose, from a mobile phone to a tablet, a laptop or a desktop.

The Higher Education Pathways offered by eGraduate College London is as follows: –

ElShaddai E-Graduate Centre has two vocational courses developed and conducted by local trainers, which are endorsed by eGraduate College.


EEC offers systematic formal teacher education course for existing teachers as well as those interested in teaching. The one-year course equips a person to build and develop teaching skills in addition to academic knowledge. The candidate completes a 36-credits course to earn the Certificate in Foundations of Teaching and Learning level 4 Diploma. 

This course is fully developed and conducted by a team of local volunteer post graduate teacher trainers, endorsed by eGraduate College, and awarded a level 4 Diploma by TQUK. Our deep appreciation goes to all the trainers who so willingly sacrifice their time to empower teachers in refugee learning centres.


ECB started the air conditioning skills training in January 2022. There are two components in the course design, a four-month theory cum laboratory practical followed by six months of practical internship with an air conditioning company. We are training the 4th batch currently. 12 trainees had completed their training and obtained the Diploma certificates. And three graduates are now assistant trainers. Our highly qualified trainer, Mr Wong Siew Loon, is working on the framework of the progression Advance Diploma Chiller Maintenance course.


Besides eGraduate College, ElShaddai E-Graduate Centre partners with Intercultural Training Australia (ITA) to provide TESOL training to equip our English Teachers. We are truly grateful that some partners of ITA initiated a fund-raising campaign to support the training fees of the four teachers who received the training.

ElShaddai Centre’s partnership with Pearson Malaysia started in 2019. Students trained by the ElShaddai teachers were sponsored by Pearson for their Accounting Exams. Seven students successfully obtained their L2 Diploma in Accounting.

In the Advanced Vocational Learning Program, ElShaddai E-Graduate Centre strives to bring education with progression to equip the students with in-depth knowledge and upgraded skills in the courses they choose to study. It is our goal to see that students become self-sustaining, life-long learners and in turn, contribute to enrich others. We firmly believe that when those who freely receive learn to pay forward, the world is made a better place for everyone.

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