SUNSHINE at ElShaddai Sg Buloh Learning Centre

The voices of happy teachers and students can be heard as I climb up the stairs to the learning centre each week. The cheerful greeting from the pre-primary class students is a jab of energy for me each time I enter the place.

Sg Buloh Learning Centre has a total of thirty-five students ranging from 6 to 14 years old who are mainly from Myanmar and a few Indonesians. The centre has four passionate teachers from Myanmar. These teachers are creative, energetic and enthusiastic in reaching out to the children in their own community through education.

Preparing and enjoying new snacks during the English Clinic

The month March was a hive of activity – during the long March holidays, we had a three-day English Clinic where the students came in for English fun activities through craft, stories, preparing and enjoying new snacks, paper napkin origami, creating stories, rhymes and presentation skills.

When school resumed after the term break, lessons were back to normal but there is always fun in the classroom either through role play or craft time.

Roleplay and craft time 

The social work team came to do a session on Child Protection teaching the students how to stay happy, healthy and strong.

One Saturday morning, a group of international students from a university had outdoor games with the students at the basketball court nearby the centre. This was the first time we took the students outdoors and many of our parents came bringing snacks to share with all the students too. There was a healthy interaction between the community and the international students.

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