ElShaddai Sabah Update: Kuala Alam Mesra Learning Centre

During the somewhat gloomy moments of Covid 19, Emmanuel Church started to help the undocumented community in Kuala Alam Mesra. These people are Suluks and Bajaus who originated from the Philippines many years ago and the community has grown over generations. A school was started for the young people and Brother Tay single-handedly managed the place. There were already 100+ students and the education was accorded on FOC basis then. ECB started in Sabah in February 2020. In December 2021, Brother Lee together with his wife, and their young son went to this place and he eventually took over the management along with the assistance of Effa and John. The team went about sourcing suitable people who have adequate education, then trained them to become teachers to teach the children, who were aged from 7 years to 14 years. In order to ensure quality teaching methods for these young ones, ECB brought trainers
from the Head Office in Klang to train the 5 teachers. The Centre taught the students 3 core subjects – English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Mathematics, from kindergarten level to Primary 3.

Unlike what we are more used to as schools, this Learning Centre is held over an open concept of a simple shed built on tall stilts with a simple roof overhead. There is no electricity in this place. However, the students are keen learners especially when they do not have the distractions of TV, computers
and cell phones. To be able to attend school at the Learning Centre is already considered a privilege. Recently, Kuala Alam Mesra Learning Centre in partnership with an NGO, “Call Over the Ridges”, started a lunch project
for the students. A simple kitchen was constructed and two cooks were engaged to prepare the lunch. From 1 February 2023, over 90 students have enjoyed free and nutritious lunches on every school day.

The objectives for the Learning Centre are as follows: 

  • To provide the opportunity for the youngsters to come and learn in a cohesive environment
  • To encourage the parents to send their children and be committed to attending school, books, stationery, and lunch were provided with a bare minimum charge of RM 15 per month.
  • To reach out to the rest of the family members through the students
  • To impart good values and to empower students with life skills.

On 4 July 2023, a partnership with “Happy Paradise” launched a library cum community hall by acquiring a vacant house. This facility has encouraged the students and other children in the village to appreciate knowledge through the library and the spacious hall has fostered good relationships among the villagers. There is a plan now to get solar energy to harness electricity for the Learning Centre and the house. A local NGO is trying
to source for the solar panels and to engage the technical know-how to get this done.

The Future Plans are: –

  • Continuous training for the teachers and the leaders at
    the Centre
  • Bringing forward the level of learning to Primary 4, and perhaps Primary 5 & 6 eventually when there are more trained teachers available
  • Striving to improve facilities so that new learning methods
    can be added to stimulate further learning yearnings

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