I joined ElShaddai Centre in 2021, at that time, I was looking for an administrative job and subsequently was offered a job on April 16 as an Accounts Assistant with ElShaddai Centre. I had no knowledge in accounting then. I am very thankful to Sister Sabrina Teh who mentored me when I first joined and taught me basic accounts using SQL program and some administrative jobs, and Sister Rebecca Koh who also helped with the accounts.


Later, as I worked over the years in ElShaddai, I perceived the spirit of unity and dedication of the teams and the compassion shown to every individual. This is extended to the school children and teachers, kitchen helpers, drivers and all other co-workers, regardless of their background. Such love is transforming lives in the “ElShaddai Family”.

In 2020, as covid-19 affected the whole world, ElShaddai did a lot of work especially in distributing food packets, groceries and other items to families that were badly affected in various locations. Many children of different communities have benefitted and gained a lot and so many of them have excelled in their studies. This exemplifies the hard work and dedication of the teachers and all those involved in this work as well as the aspiration of the students

Our Lord has indeed given wisdom and insight to our leaders to make the right decisions on how to manage ElShaddai as a whole. With a hands-on attitude, many of them are always at the frontline to see to the needs of the communities.

I am grateful to the management for giving me an opportunity to be a part of the ElShaddai family. As I have been with ElShaddai for many years, I have seen many people come and go. However, the unity and compassion of the ELSHADDAI BIG FAMILY is maintained. There is always love shared among school children, teachers, co-workers and those who are working in ElShaddai.

My prayer for ElShaddai is for us to achieve the Vision and Mission as set out and that many more refugees and stateless people will benefit from these efforts. In the Education sector where ElShaddai has progressed in leaps and bounds, I pray that the teams will carry out the tasks, overcome all obstacles one by one to accomplish the goals in stride.

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