My journey with Elshddai began in March 2010 when I walked into St Barnabas Hall where a class of wide-eyed, innocent-looking, unkempt kindergarten kids looked back at me.

I had never encountered refugees before but after the initial culture shock, the adventure began.It has been 14 long years filled with inevitable challenges mixed with joy and tears, amazement and frustration.

I have been asked several times, “What keeps you going in ElShaddai?” My reply would invariably be “God’s grace and my passion.”  Once you begin to see how lives are being impacted, you are ready to face the hurdles that lie ahead.

I love to tell this story of two little kindergarten boys from Myanmar. When they first joined our centre, the English language was alien to them. However, just six months later, I was surprised to hear them conversing in English instead of using their own mother tongue while playing outside my office window. In my mind, I feel that if we are able to make this little bit of difference in their lives, we must be on the right track.

When we visit a family, we often see the deplorable living condition of the home. However, when we extend a helping hand and see a smile break out on a disillusioned face, it is so gratifying. Later, when we receive news that one of our students is now attending university in another country, our hearts swell with pride. All these positive turnarounds confirm that the seed sown in ElShaddai has germinated, grown and blossomed.

This is my calling. God has not allowed me to hide behind my timid self but has assured me that He is able to do immeasurably more than I can ever ask or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)

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