Reflections of our founder, Andrew Ng

When people inquire about the origins of this work, I find myself recounting a truth that often surprises them: I never intended to embark upon this journey.

Yet, as the saying goes, when God calls, He doesn’t merely suggest; He orchestrates. Reflecting on the path that led me here, I cannot help but acknowledge that I am but a reluctant partner, and it is through the guiding hand of a higher power that this work has flourished.

In 2008, Malaysian Care approached us with the idea of starting a refugee school. While uncertainty loomed over the minds of many, my team and I chose to embrace the challenge. What commenced as a modest initiative, catering to a mere 22 students, swiftly
burgeoned beyond our wildest expectations. Today, our reach spans over 2,000 students, transcending geographical confines to touch lives in Kota Bharu, Sabah, and beyond,
underscorin g the significance of community impact.

From this ministry, I’ve learned three valuable lessons. Firstly, God often chooses ordinary individuals who are willing to step forward, rather than those whopossess extraordinary abilities. Secondly, true success is built on partnerships; it’s a collective effort rather than an individual endeavor. Lastly, we must focus on movements, not monuments. For 15 years, ElShaddai Centre avoided permanent structures because our mission is about being agile and responsive to the needs of the people

Many ask me, “How do you plan?” The truth is, we wait for God’s guidance. Liberated from the constraints of stringent budgets, we entrust that if our endeavors align with God’s will, the necessary provisions will manifest. Gratitude swells within us for the steadfast support of our partners, propelling us forward under the stewardship of Dr. Ng. Our resolve remains unyielding; we refuse stagnation, anticipating the next 15 years to yield even greater transformation, steadfast in our commitment to effectuate change
on a monumental scale.

We trust that God has a purpose and a plan in our journey together, even though we often walk in uncertainty. Had we relied solely on our own plans and resources, we may never have embarked on this remarkable journey. But we trust in God’s provision and guidance, knowing that we are merely instruments in His hands.

As we continue, we acknowledge that we are merely instruments in God’s hands. I am but a reluctant participant, and I believe that eventually, new individuals will carry this work forward.

Thank you once again for your support.

Many have asked me, "How do you plan?" The truth is, we wait for God's guidance. We don't adhere to strict budgets; instead, we trust that if something is in accordance with God's will, the necessary resources will be provided.

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