With around 1,400 students enrolled in 2021, we run 18 centres across the Klang Valley and other parts of Malaysia.

We started with just 20 students in 2008, providing pre-school education. We are now offering education from pre-school to tertiary. Inspiring children with hope and equipping them for a better future.

Education is the most resource-intensive service in ElShaddai Centre currently. Your support would mean that another child will have access to quality education that will change their future.


    Our pre-school learning centres are located around Klang Valley and other parts of Malaysia. We place them strategically in the heart of the communities for easy access to those without transportation. 


    Our PRIME Primary Learning Centre provides Cambridge IGCSE education from Year 1- Year 6.


    Our Accelerated Learning Program Learning Centre caters to children aged 10 and above who have no prior education. Overaged children can accelerate their pre-school to primary education within 4 years. We also conduct this program in other selected learning centres.


    Our EXCEL Secondary Learning Centre provides Cambridge IGCSE education from Year 7- Year 11


    Our E-Graduate Centre is in partnership with eGraduate College UK. We provide online tertiary education opportunities for the diaspora community post-IGCSE/ high school.

    Empowering Communities, Transforming Lives

    ElShaddai Education Fund

    In 2022, we need more than RM300,000 to support 90 selected students who are in need of more help. At the same time, we have a growing waiting list of children who desires to be educated. Partner with us today to give a child the education she/he deserves!

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    Christmas Fundraising 2021

    Empowering Communities, Transforming Lives.

    Help the marginalized and displaced families to rebuild their lives. The effect of the pandemic has been devastating for our whole society, especially to the most vulnerable among us. The families ElShaddai Centre work with are now seeking to rebuild their lives with dignity.