Education is the main part of our Compassion Work Division. It takes up 75% of our resources, both tangible and intangible. Up to the latest, we have more than 1,800 students coming from 19 different nationalities (see the chart below) with unspecific numbers of ethnicity groupings. 

The main centre conducts classes from kindergarten (ALPHA) to Primary 6 level (PRIME). It started with the Singapore Primary Syllabus but in 2018 it switched from the Singapore Syllabus to the Primary IGCSE modules in stages for ease of transition to the Secondary IGCSE level eventually. All our classes are conducted in 3 different church premises – St Barnabas Church, Klang Chinese Methodist Church and Wesley Klang.

In January 2017, we took the step of faith by accepting 40 students from the primary stream to progress to secondary education. They are the bright students who aspire to go further. The IGCSE syllabus is adopted as it is an international accreditation that qualifies the students to continue their study should they relocate to a third country. The secondary centre occupies 2 levels above a shop house in Little India, Klang, and it provides basic facilities for online teaching and learning. Within 2 years the number of students has almost doubled and some have to be turned away because of space constraint.

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Note: Others include Afghans (0.7%), Bangladeshis (0.6%), Thais (0.4%), Liberians (0.2%), Iraqis (0.2%), Nepalis (0.2%), Yemenis (0.2%), Armenians (0.1%), Sudanese (0.1%), and Malaysians (1.7%) totalling 4.4% (updated as at Mar 19)

The number of students has been growing tremendously every year. Therefore in March 2018, we started learning programs within the communities to ease the long waiting list at the main school, with our first community learning centre at Sg Udang, Klang among the Cambodian Chams, and in May the same year we set up our second community learning centre at Jalan Pasar, not far from the main school. The communities here are mainly the Indonesians and Rohingyas. A month later, we came in to revamp a school at Bukit Beruntung, Rawang which was on the verge of closing down, providing financial assistance to get the school going again for the existing refugee and undocumented children. Additionally, in partnership with a local church in Kajang, we jumpstarted a school for the Ahmadiyya community. The numbers of community centres continue to grow as the needs for education are huge.

    Besides the normal school education system, we discovered the need to educate a different group of students. As a result, the Accelerated Primary Program (APP) was implemented in early 2019 to cater for children aged between 10 and 15 years who have no or low literacy. This program is specially designed to take them through primary education in 4 years instead of 6 years. The subjects taught include English, Mathematics, Science, Life Skills (a self-developed module that includes health, career, critical thinking and worldviews), Moral, Music, Art and Physical Education.

    Our standard of education is highly acclaimed and now we are being approached by Rohingya community leaders to educate the students in their Madrasahs. We are currently teaching English, Science and Mathematics in 3 Madrasahs with another 2 partnerships under discussion.

    ElShaddai Education Division - Updated as at Mar 2020

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