About us

ElShaddai Centre Berhad (ElShaddai) was set up in 2008 as a Christian-based humanitarian NGO with a vision to reach out to the displaced and marginalized community of various nationalities through compassion services and social work. Our current work involves the refugee, asylum seeker and other immigrant communities in Malaysia. We are working with people from Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia and 15 other countries.

Our Vision

Honour and dignity, holistic health, and hope for a better future for the displaced and marginalized community in Malaysia.

Our Mission

Rescue the displaced and marginalized community who are homeless, cheated or in danger of being trafficked and enslaved.

Relieve by providing assistance to the displaced and marginalized community who are suffering, deprived or sick.

Restore the traumatized within the displaced and marginalized community to holistic physical, mental and spiritual health.

Rehabilitate the displaced and marginalized community who are in need of education, livelihood skills, social life and dignity.

Our Services

Education is the main part of ElShaddai’s social services. We also support the displaced and marginalized community by providing primary healthcare, emergency relief, skills training and development as well as setting up micro social enterprises for sustainable livelihood.

  1. Education
  2. Healthcare
  3. Emergency Relief
  4. Skill Training
  5. Social Enterprise


Up to 2019, we have more than 1,000 students from 19 different nationalities. The education unit currently requires 70% of our resources.

ElShaddai Refugee Learning Centre (ERLC) conducts classes from pre-school to secondary IGCSE level.

Our centres across various locations:

  1. ERLC ALPHA (Pre-school Education)
  2. ERLC PRIME (Primary Education)
  3. ERLC EXCEL (Secondary Education)
  4. ERLC Accelerated Primary Program
  5. ERLC Sungai Udang Site
  6. ERLC Jalan Pasar Site
  7. ERLC Gombak Site
  8. ERLC Kajang Site
  9. ERLC Bukit Beruntung Site
  10. ERLC Pandamaran Site
  11. ERLC Sentosa Site (New Centre)
  12. Tasik Permai Centre
  13. Serdang Yemeni Centre
  14. Ampang Hazara Community Learning Centre
  15. Johan Setia (in partnership with Rohingya madrasah)
  16. Puchong Puteri (in partnership with Rohingya madrasah)
  17. Saujana Indah & Pinggiran Subang (in partnership with Rohingya madrasah)


With over 20 volunteer medical doctors as our partners, we reach out to communities in 8 different locations in the Klang Valley through our mobile clinic services. We also provide pre-natal care to pregnant mothers. Averagely, we treat 1,600 outpatients in a year through the mobile clinics.

Emergency Relief

We provide temporary shelter to those who are facing unexpected issues. Besides lodging, we also provide food to needy families.

Skill Training

In February 2019 we launched our first Hospitality Skill Training Program. We are partnering with UCSI in providing skill training opportunity to our students.

In the same year, we also started a bakery and a sewing training centre as part of our livelihood sustainability projects.


We develop social enterprises based on the strengths and assets of the communities themselves. These enterprises aim to ensure sustainable livelihood besides skill training.

  1. Le Moulin Bakery
  2. The Craft Shop – Ampang Sewing Centre
  3. Beautiful Garden – Gardening & Cleaning Services
  4. Urban Farming & Aquaponics

Christmas Fundraising 2021

Empowering Communities, Transforming Lives.

Help the marginalized and displaced families to rebuild their lives. The effect of the pandemic has been devastating for our whole society, especially to the most vulnerable among us. The families ElShaddai Centre work with are now seeking to rebuild their lives with dignity.