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Life2Life Sdn Bhd, a newly developed social enterprise arm under ElShaddai Centre Berhad came into being with the vision of empowering people and transforming lives.

At Life2Life, we believe in the Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) model. Based on the strength and assets of different communities, we hope to develop micro social enterprises for the marginalized refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented groups to earn supplementary income. These communities are often unable to secure permanent employment in Malaysia.

 Another aim is to use these social enterprise platforms

  • to engage with more communities who are in need of livelihoods support
  • to equip them with some livelihood skills
  • to encourage them to embrace entrepreneurial spirits to enable them to secure a sustainable future

To make these social enterprises happen, ElShaddai Centre Berhad is constantly embarking rigorous steps to provide further skills enhancement programs. Some of these programs are illustrated below:

House of Bread

Started in June 2019, Klang, this project targets individuals who are interested in baking and those who hope to learn basic baking skills. The main purpose of this project aims to provide skill training to potential marginalized youths and adults. Hopefully, they will be able to earn a livelihood through these skills. Most of the individuals mainly come from the Klang area.

Currently, our Chief baker has been working with a group of apprentices in hope that they can be future trainers. These future trainers can then return to their communities to teach others or start their own business with our support.
Our current product range include breads and hand-made cookies, with some other pastries and cakes as well. We pride ourselves with the use of natural and fine quality ingredients to produce our fresh and delectable products. For a start, we are going around to different churches to promote our quality products.

How you can support us
  • By getting us to bake for church conferences, parties and special functions
  • By supporting us in the knowledge of relevant marketing strategies or business models for our long-term sustainability

Project: L2L Ampang Sewing Centre

Started on 1st July 2019, this center caters to the Hazara Community in the Ampang area. The Hazara community is blessed with professional tailors and sewers who can turn out very high quality work. In light of this, the sewing center has provided opportunities for the community to eke out a living.

The sewing center takes in jobs directly from walk-in customers as well as sewing jobs from retail designers. These jobs involve large-scale clothes alteration, customized clothes, graduation gowns, novel retail items and uniforms.

We are also developing our own retail line of products under the “The Craft Shop” brand with various designs of tote bags and pouches, as well as products handcrafted from recycled materials. This will provide an opportunity for women staying at home to earn some complimentary income.

How you can support us
  • By purchasing our products at church events, expat bazaars, NGO events. One such venue will be at “If Only Café” at Regal House, Jalan U-Thant starting November 2019 (shop space courtesy of a kind customer)
  • Connecting us with shops who would be interested in our products

Beautiful Garden

This project aimed to provide job opportunities for ex-offenders who wish to start afresh after leaving the Malaysian Care drugs/Prison ministry and Boaz Home. With the support of some of our generous partners like Hai-O, this project has developed to be self-sustaining.

Their jobs involve simple gardening, grass cutting, cleaning and painting services by order or on a contract basis. The clients are mainly corporates’ premises or properties, private houses and gardens.

This project has been very successful because the gardening and cleaning services are highly demanded by the general public. Moreover, with the team’s high quality and responsible services, the feedback from the clients have been favorable.

How you can support us
  • By using our services for your personal gardens or houses
  • Connecting us with corporates or churches who needed gardening, cleaning or painting services

Urban Farming & Aquaponics

We started urban farming of vegetables initially to provide food for our main school, ElShaddai Refugees Learning Centre lunch meals. Furthermore, we sell the idea of organic farming and the related materials (vertical planter drum) to interested parties. We are also involved in small-scale aquaponics in order to farm fishes for our own schools and restaurants.

Due to the farming’s potential, we are now looking into upscaling this project, after a period of testing and refining. In order to create more job opportunities for our marginalized communities, expertise and resources are needed to increase the current produce level. The aim is to look at long term sustainability so that more revenue can be generated.

How you can support us
  • Maximize planting areas for your garden, balcony, or patio by using our vertical planter drums to grow your own organic vegetables, herbs or plants
  • Connecting us with groups who have interests in exploring the concept of urban farming & aquaponics
We are looking for like-minded partners and sponsors to empower the marginalized groups in Malaysia

Having read Life2Life’s meaningful projects, we hope you will get in touch with us. We are looking for like-minded partners and sponsors to empower the marginalized groups in Malaysia. If you are interested in making a difference to the lives of the marginalized communities, do get in touch with us!

Email: | WhatsApp: +6016-576 0700

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