As we believe in the Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) model, we develop micro social enterprises based on the strengths and assets of different communities.

We are involved in urban vegetables farming and aquaponics which provide food for our school lunch meals. We also promote organic farming by selling the concept and farming materials to interested party.

For some communities that are skilful in cooking, we are constantly looking for possible opportunities for them to earn their livelihood by doing food catering for church events, and individual home parties or selling cooked food in bazaars.

Our latest projects include a bakery in Klang and also the first sewing centre in Ampang. Our main purpose is to provide skills training for potential marginalized youths and adults to achieve skill enhancement and development for their current livelihood support as well as future sustainability. Another project in the pipeline is to develop our current aquaponic project to a larger commercial scale of production.

While we are exploring other strengths and skills of the communities, we are taking rigorous steps in providing more skills training and development projects that can develop or expand into profit making social enterprises for long-term sustainability.