Social Work

How We Work

We provide holistic care to vulnerable communities through social work programs. These programs are developed in meeting the needs of the community and fostering holistic transformation in the lives of the people. Our goal is to restore hope and bring healing, protection and assurance, and a chance to start anew. Ultimately, we want them to find true hope, real peace, and a new life.


Relief work is crucial in providing immediate support to those affected by unexpected emergencies. At ElShaddai Centre, we believe in building connections and addressing underlying issues through relief support. To ensure long-term benefits for the community, we have established a financial assistance fund, a short-term interest-free loan program, and a community savings program. We distribute physical provisions to those in need through donations and sponsorships from corporations, NGOs, and individuals.

The Talents & Jobs Network at ElShaddai Centre functions as a network to gather talents and skilled workers. The primary objective is to match individuals with suitable employment opportunities according to their talents and skills. To further empower the individuals job consultation and skill development will be offered to the individuals as well.

Safety and Protection

Safe Placement provides a safe and secure environment for support and recovery. Through the partnership with UNHCR, we provide shelters and community placement for women and children at risk, rescuing them from abuse, violence, survival difficulties, exploitation and any other forms of persecution, risk or danger. The shelter is being taken care of by live-in house guardians whereas community placement is being taken care of by healthy families committed to providing care, safety and protection for the individuals at risk which can ease community reintegration. We serve the refugee and stateless communities nationwide.

We develop a Community-based Protection (CBP) Team within the community to respond, rescue, and protect people and families facing risks. The CBP team empowers and equips community members to help one another, and provides a support network for mutual assistance and sustainability. A safe and protective community is crucial for marginalized refugees and stateless individuals to live harmoniously and inclusively.


Our team responds to high-risk cases such as abuse, violence, exploitation, medical emergencies and other forms of persecution, danger or risk by providing interventions that cover needs assessment, registration, monitoring, education, home visits, safe placement, livelihood support, food and material aid, cash-based assistance, medical assistance, mental health and psychosocial support, and legal assistance. We also do referrals to partner NGOs and work with other organizations to help the individual or family at risk.

Community Development

Sports programme

To engage and empower the children and youth, we provide healthy activities (sports) to instil good values and develop good behaviours in them through football, badminton, and volleyball.

Support Group

We run women, men and family support groups to engage and empower the community by introducing a healthy mindset, restorative care, and solidary communion.

NewRoots Youth Centre

The NewRoots Youth Centre is one of our main ongoing engagements with the Afghan community in Ampang. The youth centre runs weekly programs for the children, and teens such as sports, educational outings, life skills lessons, craft workshops, and cultural celebrations. We have engaged over 100 youth and children and have an average weekly attendance of 50.

The Indonesian Community Centre

The Indonesian Community Centre (ICC) is located in Klang’s Jalan Pasar area, it serves as a space for the Indonesian migrant community to unite and support each other. We organize celebrations, workshops, and support groups to engage with the communities. We are also working with the Indonesian embassy to run the educational program, registration and repatriation program.

Berkeley Community Wellness Centre

BCWC is a physical space to promote wellness from the approach of holistic personhood, holistic community and holistic ecosystem. In this centre, we have a conversational space, community kitchen, thrift corner, boardgame zone, event space, community gym, counselling room, training room as well as the ElShaddai Social Work Department office. We run after-school programs, training programs, thanksgiving celebrations and more in this centre, gathering different diaspora communities and locals.

Community-based business

By appreciating and putting the talents and assets of the community into good use, we work with the community to form experimental businesses, in the hope of turning them into social enterprises. We now have a bakery, catering services, and a cultural dining experience. Not only do we want to provide little income for the families involved, but ultimately, we want to restore the dignity of the community and preserve their cultural identity.

Community Area Regeneration

To further develop the community locally, it is important to improve the living environment of the community. We want to look into cleaning and beautifying the community area to provide a better living experience for the community. 

Community Advocacy & Education

Child Protection & SGBV Programs-

This program aims to educate and raise awareness of child rights and protection, which covers safe and unsafe touch, the right to education, and protection from child labour, violence and abuse. Under the right to protection from abuse, we teach students to identify different types of abuse, including physical, emotional, and sexual. This training is extended to external communities and has helped uncover cases and protect vulnerable children.

Wellness Program

Student Wellness Program aims to educate our students on topics related to their adolescent growth and development, about cultivating healthy well-being outside of their academic studies, focusing on spiritual, physical, emotional, relational and mental. These topics include Friendship and Conflict, Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, Emotional Regulation, Sex Education and so on. We also partner with external organisations, volunteers, and individuals to deliver the workshop to the students.

The Impact of Your Monthly Support

RM 300 /Month

to support a child or single lady or a family at risk to stay at shelter or community placement.

RM 500 /Month

to support handout for basic provisions and food.

RM 600 /Month

to support a part-time community worker from the refugee and/or stateless community.

RM 1000 /Month

to support a community-led initiative.

Christmas Fundraising 2021

Empowering Communities, Transforming Lives.

Help the marginalized and displaced families to rebuild their lives. The effect of the pandemic has been devastating for our whole society, especially to the most vulnerable among us. The families ElShaddai Centre work with are now seeking to rebuild their lives with dignity.