Social Work

We provide holistic care to vulnerable communities through social work programs. These programs are developed in meeting the needs of the community and fostering holistic transformation in the lives of the people. Our goal is to restore hope and bring healing, protection and assurance, and a chance to start anew. Ultimately, we want them to find true hope, real peace, and a new life.


Relief work is crucial in providing immediate support to those affected by unexpected emergencies. At ElShaddai Centre, we believe in building connections and addressing underlying issues through relief support. To ensure long-term benefits for the community, we have established an emergency relief fund, a short-term interest-free loan program, and a community savings program. We distribute physical provisions to those in need through donations and sponsorships from corporations, NGOs, and individuals.

Refugee has limited access to safe and secure job. We create job opportunities by employing our own graduate students, community mobilisers, community-based protectors, workers and staff in various supporting roles. We also connect and refer individuals to various jobs available in the market place. We value their strength and talents, we appreciate their commitment and contribution. Most importantly, they are empowered to be a more confident and better person seeing they are valued, and able to contribute and be productive.

Safety and Protection

We collaborate with UNHCR to run a shelter project for at-risk refugee women and children. Our goal is to offer protection, rehabilitation, and self-development to single mothers, women, and boys and girls under 18. They face various risks like abuse, violence, child marriage, release from detention, and homelessness. We have two shelter homes: one for women and girls, and one for boys. Recently, we expanded our services beyond Klang Valley to serve the refugee and stateless community nationwide.

Our Child Protection Training educates ElShaddai Centre students on three main child rights: education, protection from child labour, and protection from abuse. We teach students to identify different types of abuse and emphasize the importance of staying in school. This training is extended to external communities and has helped uncover cases and protect vulnerable children.

We develop a Community-based Protection (CBP) Team within the community to respond, rescue, and protect people and families facing risks. The CBP team empowers and equips community members to help one another, and provides a support network for mutual assistance and sustainability. A safe and protective community is crucial for marginalized refugees and stateless individuals to live harmoniously and inclusively.


Community Development

Community development aims to bring people together, empower them, and foster self-reliance. Our programs and activities promote community cohesiveness, self-development, and advocate for common good. These include sport programs, youth empowerment, and mothers’ educational programs. We also set up community centers in the area to provide prompt support and a safe space for the community to gather.

Community Advocacy & Education

Education is the foundation for awareness and change. Advocacy is key for lasting impact. Our initiative educates students and community members on relevant topics. The program has two parts: the Student Wellness program for students at our centers and Community Education for adults.

Topics in the Student Wellness program include Child Protection, Friendship & Conflict, Love & Relationship, Stress and Emotional management, sex education, and environmental care. The Community Education initiative includes workshops on family planning, sexual & gender-based violence, healthcare, and nutrition. Community advocates manage external projects and partnerships with NGOs, embassies, and other stakeholders.

Christmas Fundraising 2021

Empowering Communities, Transforming Lives.

Help the marginalized and displaced families to rebuild their lives. The effect of the pandemic has been devastating for our whole society, especially to the most vulnerable among us. The families ElShaddai Centre work with are now seeking to rebuild their lives with dignity.