Creating A Sustainable Future with Our New Community Development Fund.

We are thrilled to introduce the brand new ElShaddai Community Development Fund (CDF), a powerful initiative aimed at supporting and uplifting refugee, asylum seeker, and other irregular migrant communities. The CDF is a dedicated financial resource pool designed to drive positive changes and holistic development in the lives of these resilient individuals and families who have faced numerous challenges. Here, we provide a comprehensive overview of the CDF’s criteria, scope, and our approach, as well as to invite you to join us in making a difference through your generous donations.

What is the ElShaddai Community Development Fund?

The ElShaddai Community Development Fund (CDF) is a dynamic financial mechanism created to address the immediate needs and aspirations of specific refugee and stateless communities. Our primary objective is to provide comprehensive support, fostering sustainable growth, social cohesion, and individual resilience and dignity within these communities.

Our Approach: Holistic Transformation Framework

Our goal is to facilitate holistic community transformation by addressing violence through Prevention, Intervention, and Restoration. We target individuals, families, communities, and the ecosystem of support and resources..

Scope of Service:

ElShaddai Centre’s social work services encompasses three major categories of support:

    Category 1: Relief
    • Emergency Relief Fund: Assist during immediate crises such as natural disasters, loss of income, and housing emergencies.

    • Cash-based Intervention: Provide short-term financial assistance, interest-free loans, and community savings programs to enhance financial independence.
    Category 2: Rescue & Intervention
    • Child Protection and Gender-based Violence: • Child Protection and Gender-based Violence: Rescue children at risk and aid women facing various forms of violence.

    • Safe Placement: Offer a secure space for healing and support.

    • Holistic Intervention: Provide comprehensive support for individuals and families, including physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual assistance.
    Category 3: Development
    • Community Advocacy and Education: Raise awareness, imparting knowledge of basic rights, and inspiring community betterment.

    • Community Engagement: Involve community members in decision-making and supporting them in contributing back to their own community.

    • Economic Development: Support community-based
      businesses, livelihood programs, job and skill training.

    • Social Services: Provide funds for essential services such as education, healthcare, childcare, empowerment  programs, and community centres.
    Criteria for Beneficiaries:

    Beneficiaries are selected based on factors such as income level, residency, employment status, and specific needs. This includes individuals, families, and  community groups facing unique challenges.

    We invite you to be part of this transformative journey by pledging your support. Your contributions can make a world of difference:

    Together, we can create lasting change and build stronger, more resilient communities. Your generosity will be the driving force behind our shared mission to make the world a better place.

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